Voices of Virtue Gospel Choir, one of the North East's Leading Gospel choirs was conceptualised almost a decade ago as Chayil (meaning virtuous woman) in Newcastle upon Tyne. It started off as a duo with two close friends (Matti and Chichi) and as it gained popularity there became an increasing need to expand Chayil consequently, a quartet was put together called Augmented and, eventually a choir to meet the demands. The name Voices of Virtue Gospel Choir was able to keep the original meaning Chayil, transforming from women of virtue to voices full of virtue.  


Our vision is to promote faith, unity, love and hope whilst enriching and diversifying the arts community and the soundscape of North East of England and beyond through the gospel music genre. We believe as Christians that we are the light of the world, and we use our gift of music to reach those who may not ordinarily walk through the doors of a church building with this message of love and hope. We achieve this through a series of projects, strategic collaborations, shows, public and private events.

Meet the team

Singer Songwriter. I eat, sleep, breathe music and especially love gospel. VOVGC has taught me so much about my voice and working collaboratively with other voices. There’s something so special about harmony and voices coming together as one.
I have had the most amazing experience being part of VOVGC. The best things about it; our music, the shows, the dedication & talent of the members & most of all the wonderful friends I have made.
I’ve always loved the energy and buzz that comes with singing and performing in a group like VOVGC. To be a part of something where I can release my passion for music and performance and uplift those who watch and are a part of it, is the greatest feeling
I have always loved music and singing. VOVGC gives me the opportunity to marry up these two passions whilst having fun and bringing joy to others. It is also a pleasant escape from my rather serious day job. I love it!
I feel so lucky to be part of a group of incredibly talented people, I can call my VOVGC family. To learn, listen and express passion in music is the reason I love the choir. Above all, the joy you see from those watching, is by far the most rewarding.
I have loved traditional gospel music since I was a child. My dad introduced me to greats such as Mahalia Jackson and the Staple singers. Working with such a gifted group of musicians and being part of a gospel choir has fulfilled a lifelong dream of mine
Singing in a group like VOVGC has been an exciting and inspiring journey. It’s one thing to perform with family but another to share joy and happiness with our audience.
Musical Director & Bass Player
Music is part of my daily life and playing and working with VOVGC is a joy. it’s like being a part of a big family.
Singer Songwriter, with a passion for community music and bringing people together. Singing with others is good for the soul and music is a powerful tool that impacts lives for the good. Being apart of VOVGC encapsulates and fulfils my musical dreams.
I'm an all round music lover but gospel music stands out for me. Joining VOVGC has been tremendously exciting from the start. There’s a constant challenge to perfect your craft, as well as the opportunity to reach and bless thousands doing what you love.
Drums & Producer
Being a part of the VOVGC family is very special. It's a real privilege to play alongside such talented & gifted people, and I'm very blessed to have been a part of the journey so far!
James Peacock
I’ve played with/supported Jools Holland, Gabrielle and Joss Stone. Cowritten a top 5 album, played the Royal Albert Hall, the O2 Arena, and many UK festivals. But my favourite place to be is sat behind a piano playing keys with VOVGC.
Singing and music have always been an important part of my life. It's a huge privilege to be part of the VOVGC family. Sharing our passion in music and having fun with our audiences is the most rewarding part of all!
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We are not just a choir but a family and I feel very proud to be a part of the journey of VOVGC.

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