School Workshops

Voices of Virtue has used Gospel music to address societal ills, inequalities as well as educate on the rich heritage of the gospel genre.

One of the many exciting projects that has enabled us to achieve this is our Schools Project . The purpose of this project is to educate school children about the history and roots of gospel music which  offers a natural cultural exchange during the delivery of the workshops which inspires and empowers young children whilst breaking down social and racial barriers at an early age. 

We also aim to educate and inspire gifted BME communities on the career opportunities in the arts which in result will enable them empower their children to chase their dreams and work diligently at it.

The Schools Project fosters a sense of community achieved through joint working and collaborative showcases between different schools.Through these workshops we aim to impact discipline, establish identity, self confidence and general mental wellbeing  in children and young people.

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